3 Tips for Choosing Your Roman Shades

The window coverings in your home can be a wonderful way to showcase style while still providing important privacy for you and your family. Roman shades are very versatile and will give you a great look throughout your home. Here are a few tips on how to put a Roman spin into your decorating with these shades:

1.Select Corresponding Colors

The style of Roman shades is typically used in contemporary interiors. Using matching colors to the wall of your room will give you a minimalistic and clean look.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

A richer and more extravagant feel can be gained if you choose a patterned look to go with other stylings or furniture in your room. The structure of the shade will still be the same to showcase that Roman feel.

3. Let Them Stand Alone or Dress Them Up

Roman shades create a lovely look on their own, but can be complemented with other enhancements too. Swags or cornices can give an extra pop for a regal presentation.

If you are looking for Roman shades in Cary, consider these tips to create that style you have been looking for to decorate your windows with European flair. Visit this website for more information about Roman shades in Cary.

Roman shades


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