Embrace the Splendor of Italy With Tuscan Inspired Shades

Cobblestone streets, steaming bowls of spaghetti marinara and country cottages embellished with antique, wooden shutters: welcome toTuscany. While seemingly part of a dream or romantic honeymoon, this picturesque style can be part of your home when you install traditional Tuscan-inspired shades.

Wooden Beauty

Tuscan shades are traditionally made with solid wood panels richly colored by their natural grains and earthy tones. Today’s shutter companies still produce Tuscan shades using opulent woods and exquisite craftsmanship. Many of these shutters are created by hand and embellished with warming colors reflective of the Italian countryside.

Hooked on Hinges

Another essential element of Tuscan style shades and shutters is the hinge. Useful when opening and closing interior or exterior shutters, the hinge is also an important stylistic feature. Options for the shutter hinges usually include:

  • Nickel
  • Polished Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Bronze

These classical materials are the perfect component for any Tuscan-inspired shade for your Italian-style home.

Beauty and Benefits

While Italian and Tuscan shades are simply gorgeous, they are also highly beneficial. Solid wood paneled shutters inspired by the country charm of Italy provide complete privacy from the local neighborhood. They also create an unyielding shield from the bright morning sunlight or sweltering afternoon heat.

To learn more about Tuscan style shades in Southport and their functional Italian fashion, check out this website.

Tuscan style


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