Get a French Look With Exterior Shutters

Decorative home improvements are a fun way for you to showcase your style. But it is not only limited to the inside of your home. You can do a lot with the outside as well. For a touch of casual elegance, you can give your home a French look with exterior shutters. Here’s how:

1. Shutters That Mount Flat

Many French homes cover their front-facing windows with flat-mounting shutters. This surrounds your windows with a graceful look. If the outside of your home is an earthy color, choosing a flat shutter in a dark shade is a great contrast too.

2. Board-and-Batten Styles in Wood or Vinyl

These have wide vertical panels with horizontal accents that are common in France. Wood is the traditional choice, but there are also many options in vinyl as well.

3. Complement With Iron Hardware

For an added flavor, you can choose decorative wrought-iron hardware to complement the exterior shutters. This can give your home a French country appearance.

The addition of exterior flat-mounting shutters can greatly enhance the look of the front of your house, and give it an elegant French look. These are manufactured in wood or vinyl for your home improvement needs. For more information about exterior shutters in Cary, visit this website.

exterior shutters


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