Improve Your OfficeWith a New Bathroom

While most people don’t spend much time contemplating toilets, a responsible business owner has to put some thought into them. Agreeable, accessible office bathrooms make for a more comfortable and productive work environment for all employees. Whether you have a growing business and need to expand your bathrooms to keep up, or you want to upgrade the existing accommodations, you’ll be surprised how much a new bathroom can improve your workplace.

In some cases you can be required to install more toilets. Guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration specify the minimum amount of available bathrooms for employees. While businesses of 15 or fewer employs need at least one toilet, if you have 16 to 35 you’re required to provide a minimum of two toilets, and offices with over 110 employees must have at least six. If you are hiring more people, you may need to expand your bathrooms to keep up.

Even once you’ve met the minimum requirements, offering more toilets is a good business practice. In an office of 110 employees and five toilets, each unit has to serve 22 people. This can lead to frustrating lines at the bathrooms, or employees leaving the office to find accommodations elsewhere. To keep up productivity and raise worker satisfaction, business owners are recommended to provide at least one more toilet than the OSHA minimum.

While single-occupancy bathrooms tend to be preferred by most people, they’reoften not an option due to the space limitations of many offices. Instead, toilets separated by bathroom partition walls allow for multiple accommodations in a single room. Plastic laminate partitions come in a variety of sizes and colors to make for attractive, comfortable bathrooms. Their smooth, scratch-resistant surfaces are easy to clean, and countertops and cabinetry can be installed with matching or complementary materials. A number of installation options can offer your employees privacy as well as convenience.

The most common stall type is overhead braced partitions, with a headrail around the top affording the rigidity and strength for heavy usage. Braced ceiling-to-floor mountings are even more secure, though require greater precision during installation to ensure every brace is correctly aligned.For the sake of privacy, effort should be taken to minimize or otherwise seal up the gaps between the stall partitions and the doors and walls.

Providing your workers with extra clean, private toilets is a great way to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. See this website for more on installing bathroom partitions in El Cajon to improve your office.


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